Kennel Wallova - Welsh Springer Spaniel

Wednesday 08 September 2021

Hasmark Strand 2021

Vi har besökt Hasmark Strand på norra Fyn för ett äventyr som innehöll tre utställningar på två dagar. Det var väldigt kul att få komma ut och ställa hund igen! Följande text publicerade vi på våra sociala medier och tänkte dela den även här.

Finally home after a weekend with three shows - and what a weekend! Even though our car was filled with ribbons and prices its the lovely words about our dogs, the memories and of course the dogs that fills our hearts with pride, joy and happiness! Cheesy, I know, but true. We entered seven (7!) dogs and our friends- and family members joined us at beautiful Hasmark Strand to form team Wallova for the weekend.

How about or pretty babies, Yster (Wallovas Yelle) and Tonks (Wallovas Xiu Xiu). 4 months old and shown for their very first times, two shows each, one each day. The both got ribbons and the honorary price both days, meatballs for the win! Future looks bright ❤

Let’s talk about Pepsi (NO JV19 Wallovas Placebo). He got amazing critique with EXC CK and placings in best dog all shows. He was “flying in the ring” (judges words) and got a CAC and two reserv CAC. In the BIS show of the first day he was placed 4th and therefor awarded the title Gold Cup Open Winner 4! Amazingly handled by co-owner Emma Landin who had her work cut out for her with the bitch in heat close to him (won’t mention any names, mother!).

And our happy, sweet and funny Willow (Wallovas Wiktoria), went from VG on the first show, to EXC CK on the other show and today just went to become best junior with EXC CK, Silver Cup Junior Winner title and third best bitch with Junior CAC and reserv CAC! I like a quick learner, and fast development 😉

Pretty Tia (Wallovas Tender Forever) made us very proud with handler and co-owner Victoria Salomonsson in junior class. She got EXC CK on all three shows and got two Junior CAC and two Junior Club CAC (the third ones were “stolen” by Willow on the third day, had this not happened she would have gained the third one and therefor entitled to the danish junior championship as well as club junior champion), one reserv CAC and was placed in best bitch all tree shows BB3 on the two shows yesterday and BB4 today. The first day she also competed for BIS Junior in a strong junior class and was placed 4th and therefor awarded the title Gold Cup Junior Winner 4! What a team Tia and Victoria Salomonsson are, we love seeing your connection and happy smiles in the ring!

And how about Sia (Silver Cup Junior Winner 2019 Wallovas Sia)! Needless to say she was handled to perfection by co-owner Louise Tibell. She was awarded EXC CK and second best bitch all three shows. She got two CAC and one reserv CAC. She competed for BIS intermediate and was placed third and therefor entitled to the title Gold Cup Intermediate Winner 3! Louise Tibell and SuperSia, you make us very proud!

Last but not least, Zola (SE JV-17 FI JV-17 HeJW-17 Eastfarm's Zamantha), our crazy, loving and stunning Finnish girl… How I love to show you, and I know you know how beautiful you are! Best bitch all three shows, got her last CAC needed to gain her Danish, Swedish and Finnish championship (she already had two Danish CAC, one Swedish CAC and two Finnish CAC with approved hunting ability test)!!! She got two club CAC and was one time BOB and two times BOS. She competed in BIS Open and won the whole thing, gaining the title Gold Cup Open Winner!

You are probably tired of reading all of this, and maybe you just scrolled down to here right away? I don’t blame you, this text and post is more for me and our crew than for anyone else. Today it’s still an adventure, tomorrow it’s a memory. A lovely one that we are proud to share with you but first and foremost happy to digitally preserve for our selves.

Valp Z-kullen - Kennel Wallova